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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

With the increase in power consumption, households and buildings require more power to function. If the wiring at the switchboard is outdated and not safe anymore, it can create several big electrical problems.

Make your home or office electrically safe and sound with a switchboard upgrade. The upgrade varies depending on the buildings and the amount of electricity usage. In the process, all the ceramic fuses are replaced, the cables are rewired and placed neatly behind the panel.

According to Australia’s electrical safety requirements, there is an urgent need of improving the overall wiring standards and work practices.

Thinking of going for an electrical switchboard upgrade?

Contact J Francis Electrical Solutions. Our expert electricians will identify the fault quickly and fix the problem right then and there. We provide reliable electrical repair and maintenance solutions to our clients. Whether it is just replacing an old and faulty wire or an electrical appliance is not working properly, our team members have vast industry knowledge and hands-on experience in electrical upgrades and repairs.

Why Choose Electrical Switchboard Upgrade?

The switchboard is the central point of all the electrical systems. It is used to operate various electrical appliances ranging from a fan to the air conditioning system. The switchboard effectively controls the flow of electrical current and also distributes electricity from one source to another.

If your switchboard is at fault, it can affect the performance of other electrical devices and components. Ceramic fuses are not safe to use, they do not offer the required level of safety protection as compared to the modern circuit breakers.

Our electricians have the training and skills to provide you with domestic and commercial switchboard upgrades.

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