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Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical systems are very complex and advanced. They are used for a wide range of activities and ensure the smooth working of multiple electrical appliances and units.

But electricity can be dangerous, if you take proper measures and precautions from time to time, the risk level can be reduced significantly. Get rid of faulty and outdated wiring by choosing a reliable electrical repairs and maintenance company.

Keep the electrical systems of your home or office safe with electrical safety inspections.

J Francis Electrical Solutions understand how important it is to ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical systems. Even something as minor as outdated wiring can lead to a blown fuse or a circuit breaker tripping. Our emergency electricians in Melbourne will identify the key problem and ensure that your entire electrical system is safe and sound.

What We Do?

The safety inspections include assessing the performance of your electrical circuits and equipment. The electricians work to determine any potential shock risks or hazards and come up with a tailored strategy to fix them before it turns into a big problem.

If there are any signs of defective electrical work, they will let you know and offer a suitable solution to you. Their work strategy includes identifying the root cause of the electrical issue and assess the working of the electrical safety systems installed in your building.

Regular safety inspections enable our team to improve the overall safety of your property and ensure that everything is running as it is supposed to. We also double-check to see whether your existing electrical system adheres to the standard electrical codes.

Been a long time since your last safety inspection? Don’t delay any further.

Contact our team today and let our professional electricians handle the rest.

J Francis Electrical conducts professional electrical safety inspections to rectify any electrical hazards at affordable rates. Get in touch to know details.

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