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Cooktop Ovens

Have you recently purchased new cooktop ovens for your restaurant or home?

Improper installation of electrical devices and equipment can affect their performance. In high-scale commercial establishments such as food outlets or restaurants, if appliances are not fitted properly, it can bring your entire operation to a halt.

Make sure they are installed and functioning correctly by hiring electrical maintenance contractors.

We at J Francis Electrical Solutions offer installation services in Melbourne. We make sure that your electrical appliances can fit perfectly into any space and meet all the compliance requirements.

If you try to install the cooktop ovens yourself, you may end up facing electrical issues. But when you hire experienced and qualified electricians, you’ll be amazed at the results.

We believe that every electrical appliance should be well-fitted and function correctly so that you do not face any problems in the future. Install the new and latest gas appliances in your kitchen by hiring our compatible and cost-effective services.

We are known for our electrical services in Melbourne, we design each installation service plan according to the size and other variables of the appliance. We are backed with years of experience in handling the installation and repairs of cooktop ovens.

We listen to our client’s needs first before offering a feasible solution. Our team ensures to cater to your needs and requirements. Along with installation, we also check whether there is sufficient electricity supply provided to the appliances. After checking the gas supply, we examine the ventilation requirements of the area. Our contractors ensure that your new appliance is able to carry the electricity load.

We also provide emergency services 24/7.

Feel free to get in touch with our team and we will help you book our services online.

Discuss your requirements and we will come up with a tailored servicing plan.

J Francis Electrical provides electrical cooktop and oven services at affordable rates. Get in touch to know the details.

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