How to Handle a Power Outage

If you were to ask an electrician in Werribee, they would tell you that power outages are not a particular concern for most homeowners. This is unsurprising considering that Australia is a nation with a very reliable power supply and any kind of power outage is immediately addressed in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, certain electrical emergencies and even natural disasters can cause a power outage that can last you for days and sometimes even weeks. This is where the importance of electrical maintenance services come in. There are a large number of challenges that will be faced by individuals when dealing with a sustained power outage. Fortunately for you, there are always electricians in Caroline Springs, who can come over and take care of the problem.

However, what is important to understand is what to do during a power outage, especially one that you know will be going on for some time. This information is crucial as during a power outage an individual is left in the complete absence of any of their electrical appliances. Knowing these tips will help people deal with the impact of a power failure, and be able to handle a difficult situation in a much better manner.

Here are a few tips on what you should do during a power outage.

Check your neighbours’ homes to assess the extent of the outage.

It could be possible that the outage is only restricted to your home, which means there could be a problem with your main electrical panel. If your electrical panel seems fine then ensure that you check the electric coil wires connected to your home and see if they have sustained any damage. If you find damage with both these components, it is highly recommended that you completely avoid trying to solve them yourself and you should contact your nearest provider for electrical maintenance services. If the power outage is widespread, then make sure that you unplug and turn off all your el0ectronic equipment as the potential of a power surge is always possible and could cause a lot more damage. Furthermore, it would not be ideal for your power to be restored while having all your appliances plugged in, as this could cause a significant load on the electrical system.

Managing The Outage

Now that you have zeroed in on the cause of the power outage, you need to learn how to live with it until it is fixed. If you are not running on any kind of battery backup, then it would be recommended to turn off all the lights in the home, except for one so that you know the power has been restored. The next step is to make sure that you open your fridge as little as possible. While this may seem like an ancient piece of advice, it is more important than ever with modern refrigerators as their freezer compartments are capable of keeping food frozen for up to 36 hours, if left unopened. Each time you open these doors, you are letting out a significant amount of cold that is trapped inside, leading to your food and frozen items thawing and degrading at a much faster rate.

Safety Precautions

If you are using candles for illumination, then make sure that you are placing them in a candle holder as if children get a hold of them or if they are knocked over, they could cause a potential fire hazard. You must also remember that in an absence of light, the pests in your home will be more inclined to step out of their hiding spots, which means you will probably have multiple encounters with cockroaches and other kinds of insects. Make sure that you have your pest repellents ready for this problem. Furthermore, you must also ensure that you have a battery-powered radio on hand if you are living in a remote area. This is even more important for outages that are caused by natural disasters, as the outage might come long before you get any news of an impending problem. In these circumstances, a battery-powered radio will ensure that you are kept up to date on the situation, and are not left in the dark.

With these tips, you can be assured that your electrician in Caroline Springs will have no problems getting your power back up. Even if you have a failure that is more prolonged, you can be assured that an electrician in Werribee will be able to create stopgap measures to ensure that you have temporary power for the time being.

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